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  • 24 Hours Care
  • +[44] 7985593604
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  • Flexible shifts
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    Able2Care will provide qualified carers for community care and nursing homes with a 24 hour service available
    7 days a week and short notice emergency care included.

  • Agency
    Healthcare Assistant's

    Able2Care will provide qualified carers for community care and nursing homes with a 24 hour service available.

Welcome to Able2Care

Our aim at ABLE2CARE Preston is to deliver the highest possible standard of care and first-class customer service. We are passionate about the quality level of care we provide. Our rigorous recruitment and selection process ensures we only employ carers who meet our high expectations to give peace of mind to our care-homes that the carer employed has been through the necessary training programmes and has the appropriate duty of care mentality . Every applicant who joins ABLE2CARE has experience and undergo a series of checks including DBS, proof of identity, written professional references, a complete employment history etc.

Our team go to great lengths fulfilling our clients staffing requirement’s ensuring maintained stability of care. We have a motivated, compassionate and informed workforce keeping everyone up to date. The dynamic and professional service we offer provides highly trained, efficient and reliable care staff.

We offer different types of care services for our clients. Whether you need emergency care or scheduled care for the future.

Our focus is ensuring that our care is provided with a personal touch, so that we can understand the support you require, the things you love and the prioritise in your life.

We are passionate about the services we offer not only complying with regulatory standards, but also in delivering excellence and promoting overall wellbeing.

With our 24/7 service you can contact us as we know that unexpected short notice staff are often required and we assure our clients that fulfilling even late notice requests are achievable in most cases.

CAREERS: Whether you want to work in the public or the private sector, we have the healthcare job that is best for you.

LOOKING FOR A TALENT? We have the highly skilled people you need. We have a reputation for placing highly qualified medical professionals in both the public and private healthcare sectors, in various contract lengths including temporary and permanent.

Our focus is on providing both our clients and candidates with unrivalled service. We supply healthcare professionals to the public and private sectors, focusing on a broad range of sectors.
Excellent patient care is the centre of our working world, which wouldn’t be possible without medical staff of the best quality. This is what fuels us to provide only the candidates who meet our high standards.

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coordinator is always available